Use the DATE command to supply a time stamp for the file being sent.
The DATE statement should come after a FILE command and should preceed any DATA commands.

The syntax is
  DATE     date   time   [ zone ]  

date   is the date stamp in the form yyyy-mm-dd
time   is the time stamp in the form hh:mm:ss
zone   is the time zone, local at the site of origin

The DATE command represents the time and date values for the file with human and local dependencies. If used, values should be in ISO 8601 date format. It is recommended that XDATE be used instead because it represens time and date as a single system-processable integer.

The time zone must be recognized at the destination to be of use. If omitted, the time is presumed to be local, that is, no timezone offset can be applied. (This seriously limits the geographic range of your UFT client.)

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