Whoa Little Penquins

Careful what you ask for because you might just get it.
Rick and Jim asked for Linux on z/VM ... and they got it ... big time!
Nationwide's current slogan is "Life comes at you Fast" and Linux has come at Jim and Rick fast.

If you're going to SHARE next week (March 5-10), be sure to catch their tag-team sessions on Tuesday, numbers 9212 and 9213 at 3 and 4:30. The title is appropriately "Linux on VM - from Woe to Whoa!".

Reigning in these flightless tuxedos is like herding cats. (Oh, my, ... we've gone and borrowed yet more from advertising, and we may have abused another knight's title in the process.) The challenge is to deliver solutions which fly while preserving the advantage of V12N. There is a real need to have resource sharing, but that objective must come second, behind basic system operation. So Rick and Jim (along with a Kris Kringle whose reigndeer are somewhat out of condition after a flight) are battling the bulge of the CPU chewers and the memory munchers.

-- R;